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 Sometimes we just want to read devotionals where we have those "Me Too," moments. Maybe you need an escape from reality with some inspirational fiction... or maybe you want a new journal to go along with a new season. Maybe you want to learn something about blogging or parenting? You could even be looking for something special for someone else you want to encourage. Whatever it is, I pray you have been led here to find it!

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As you spend time reading this book daily, weekly, over and over monthly or finish it in one giant binge, you feel as if you're journeying with me and a sisterhood is born. Because if I'm being honest, this book is about as messy as my thoughts. It is part diary, moments of testimony, a sprinkle of encouragement, a dash of scripture, short sweet prayers, and a whole lot of love for God! This book is full colour...


A few years ago, God prompted me to start writing down my thoughts and the words I felt were to lift others up, no matter what season they were in. Life can be messy, it can be hard, and sometimes we struggle to find answers. But we know a God who holds all the answers we will ever need. My hope is you find your brave, your beauty, and you feel the Heavenly Father's heart as you read each and every short note of love.

It is part letters, a sprinkle of encouragement, a dash of scripture, short sweet prayers, full coloured pages and a whole lot of love for God!


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“This story was… Gah, it was so sweet, gut wrenching, made me smile, broke my heart, made me believe that God is in even the worst situation, but the characters were real, raw, fallible and I felt like I was walking every step with them!”



“A raw, heartbreaking story of grief, forgiveness, and finding love again. An edgy yet inspirational Christian romance that brings the hard truths of life into the pages. It shows God is in everything, not just the happily ever after moments!”


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These Journals are perfect for writing down your prayers & dreams.
Start one for your husband, son, daughter... Great gifts and every sale supports Little Sparrow Loved, xx

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