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You are not Alone

Beautiful Daughter of God,

You don’t need to feel alone as you walk along the road. You don’t need to feel as if it is a battle for one! Not only is our Heavenly Father Standing there with you in the chaos, the confusion and the hurt, He is reminding you the war has already been won!

So often we miss the signs that God is sending us, the little whispers of “I’m here. It’s okay.” Or the people He places in our paths with words of wisdom, a comforting hug or the love we need to feel. Even those times we pick up the living Word and the scripture leaps of the page because it was the exact thing we needed to read.

Then we have the sisters and brothers in Christ all over the world! You may not feel like you want your church to know how you are feeling. Even if they asked your response would probably be “I’m Good thanks.” We need to drop that line right now! We need to be able to reach out and find an ear that will listen.

Yes, reach out and let someone walk beside you. Maybe you found this page because you need me to pray. I will do that! Maybe you have a best friend you can confide in, a family member or another sister in Christ. Please don’t ever feel like you have to carry the load by yourself. Find that person to help share it. And remember God is with you all the way, yesterday, today and forever.

Bless you 💕

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