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When God changes your direction.

Do you ever find yourself at a fork in the road? A place where you have a decision to make. It could be letting something go like, pain, hurt, friendships and surrendering it to God. It could also be a massive move or job change you are unsure you are ready for.

Over the past few years my life has shifted direction more times than I would care to talk about. Just when I think it’s going the way I want it to, smooth sailing and feeling cushy, I all of a sudden meet a fork in the road. What I really want to do is stay on the path I was travelling but before my very eyes I have a choice to make. God is asking me if I trust him to take me down a different route. Do you ever feel that way?

It could be a family situation, a friendship you need to let go of, a church you thought you were meant to be in, a job you felt secure in, study etc. So what choices are you facing right now?

Often when we come to a split in the road we aren’t over the moon and ready to travel the unknown path and change direction. We hesitate, become indecisive, scared or even broken hearted. I mean, it’s a big decision to press through and push forward! When God is asking me to go down a different road, I would love to tell you all that I gladly skip along as if I'm on the yellow brick road. In reality, I usually dig my heels in and argue with the One who knows best. I explain why I can't do it. Do you know what the Heavenly Father does? He whispers to me...Okay, then don't move. You think I would be happy right? But I never am, because deep down in my heart I know that His way is always better, His way has my life plan and purpose waiting for me. His way is the path of righteousness.

Sometimes when we choose to take His hand and follow Him down the new path, we find that we have that feeling of being stripped bare. The comfort we were beginning to feel, the peace that blanketed us like clothing feels as if it is ripped away. When I get that feeling I now know that God has pruned me back, in order that I grow bigger, stronger and produce fruit better than the season before.

If I could scream lovingly one thing your way, it is this. God has you! And Jesus is walking right beside you, holding your hand and asking you to trust him. The comfort I feel even as I write this is a thing of beauty. Because as sad and scared as I can be with all the changes happening in my life at times, I know without a doubt, God is preparing me for bigger things and calling me to rise above the mess and chaos that surrounds me and into the place He has set out for me to do His work.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

God reminds me daily not to worry about the things of tomorrow. Ha! Even as I write this there is a small voice going, Can I really do that? Live for today? But then again, I picture Jesus holding my hand and telling me to trust him.

I don’t know what you may be going through, but if for just a moment you can close your eyes right where you are and picture our saviour holding your hand, I really believe you will feel the peace that He calls you to feel. The peace in knowing that no matter what circumstance, mountain or fork in the road you find yourself facing. He is and always will be right beside you!

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.- Matthew 7:14

So no matter what answer you are waiting for, know that in one way or another God will answer, sometimes it just may not be the answer we were waiting on. But, keep trusting in the One who knows what’s right for us! No matter what, press into him, hold tight and believe that what He has for you up the path is going to be life changing. Do not fear the split in the road! And your worry over to God and let Him guide you to wherever He is calling you right now.

Bless ya!

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