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What if Jesus knocked on your door?

What if Jesus knocked on your door? That’s a pretty deep question when you think about it and one I had actually never given much thought to before.

This week I had a lovely friend send me a poem called If Jesus came to your house. Honestly, I have no idea who wrote it but whoever it was hit the nail right on the head. It got me thinking about that very thing. If Jesus knocked on my door would I invite him in?

Well, my answer would be of course I would, I mean standing before Jesus is something that I could only dream of, and I honestly can’t wait to be face to face with him. But after reading the poem I began to question the things that took up space in my home. I mean think about it, if the Son of God knocked on your front door, out of the blue with no warning and you had no time to prepare for His arrival would you be ready?

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t seem to get that question out of my head. I began looking around my home at my collections of dvd’s and books, even going so far as to look at my iTunes account of music I like to collect and listen to. I was actually shocked at the amount of things I most definitely would not be proud to show Jesus if He wandered around my home, things that did not glorify Him or make me feel like the kind of person I truly wanted to be for Him.

I admit, I hadn’t really taken notice of the material things that surrounded me, they kind of just sat there collecting dust. The closer I drew to God the last few years, the further away I grew from wanting to watch or read those kinds of things, but all the same they were still sitting in my house, available for whenever the urge struck to pull them from the shelves and dive right back in.

Think about what books are on your shelf right now, would you be okay with Him seeing them? Or what if you were sitting there watching Netflix, would you feel confident and at ease with the Lord seeing what kinds of shows you were absorbing? Or what about your attitude? Let’s say He hadn’t even knocked yet but could easily hear you and your family from the other side of the door. Would there be screaming and yelling? When He entered would He see a bible laid out on the table or would it be nowhere in sight. Honestly I could go on and on about facebook, internet, music and so forth but I think i’ve got my point across.

I can’t tell you how perfect the timing of this poem being sent to me. God had been doing a massive work in me only weeks before and huge sacrifices were made in my personal life to keep my eyes on Him and walk the path He had set out for me to follow. Just a bit of a back story, I have been a fiction writer for quite a few years and I absolutely love creating make believe stories. I knew it was my calling to write and publish, but somewhere along the way I decided to walk my own path and write for the general population under a pen name, actually I have always written under my pen names. For months God had been speaking to me about writing for His glory because that is what I was called to do. I would like to say, I fell to my knees and shouted an almighty Yes Lord! But I didn’t. I was so stubborn and my heart broke even thinking about giving up a career I had spent years building. I thought about my social accounts, email subscribers and all the books I was in the process of having final edits on. As I told God about this, and complained and made excuses about why I couldn’t let it go, he whispered to my spirit. “Then don’t let it go.”

My mouth fell open thinking, How can He say that to me? But then my heart softened. God gives us the free will to choose and He was giving me that when He said those very words. I began to think about what is more important. My writing career under a pen name or honouring my Heavenly Father and writing Christian Fiction and Non- Fiction books under the name He had planned out for me since I was in my mothers womb? In that moment I fell to my knees and surrendered my career to Him.

Since that day God has been gently nudging me to see the things that throw me off course from walking the narrow path He has designed for me. Ways of thinking, conversations I may have and most definitely the things that surround my life that become distractions. Even when I think about my own books that I have published for years sitting on my bookshelf, proudly displayed I ask myself the question once again. If Jesus was here, would I want Him to pick up these books and read them? It’s sad to admit but no, no I would not.

The Lord sees everything you do. Wherever you go, he is watching.- Proverbs 5:21

Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord.- Jeremiah 23:24

So here is my question to you. If Jesus turned up at your doorstep would you invite Him in confidently? Gah! See I told you this is a hard question. The reason why it is so hard is because Jesus is already with us. Every single thing you’re watching, listening to or reading, He already sees and yet a lot of the time we never really give that a thought.

Believe me I am the first one to admit that I may have the knack of shutting things out and acting as if the Creator of the universe does not see the things I’m up to. I convince myself that there is no harm in the things I entertain myself with. I reason and make a list full of excuses, but then once again I know that all the excuse making in the world is not going to change God’s mind. He wants the best for me. He wants me to fill myself with things that make me a better person, a person who longs to absorb the things that bring me closer to Him. To discover who I was called to be, to set an example to those around me. My family, friends, strangers. And yes, He wants to set me apart from the world, to be the salt & the light that guides them to Him.

So, I have to as it one more time! If Jesus knocked on your door would you happily invite Him in to see everything that fills your home?

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