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The Smallest Seed

Ever had one of those moments where you finally see what the wait was all about?

I’ve always been the biggest believer that simply living your life authentically as to who you are and who you represent can change lives. And let’s be honest we all have friends or family that are not believers. They push your boundaries or talk to you about creation versus evolution. Sometimes they make jokes thinking it’s funny all the while mocking you for your faith. And through it all you love them. You don’t push an agenda, but simply go about living your life openly and without even knowing it, you’re planting small seeds.

Recently a friend of mine rang me and asked me if I could recommend a church for him to attend. I was little taken back at the request. Because this is someone who I never thought I would receive that call from. Just so happened that we were in his hometown the very next day and we picked him up for church.

That experience left my husband and me in awe at what God can do. It was as if we walked Him into the Fathers house and from that moment forward, God took over. Later when we got home and talked about it, I realised that all it took was a seed, planted 20 years ago. From that moment forward we simply lived our lives loving God and never hiding the fact that we did. And at the right moment, when that person was seeking, we were right there to lead them into a new chapter of their journey and then let God do the rest.

I was in awe at God’s patience. I was reminded that God knows the perfect timing for every step of his plan. I was humbled by the thought that it didn’t take some big monumental thing on my part to lead someone to the Fathers house.

So my beautiful sisters in Christ. Keep showing up. Keep shining that light. Keep planting those small seeds. Keep living authentically and watch God work. It may take 20 years to see the fruit, but it is so worth it!

love Sarah x

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