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To My Child

To my child,

It’s okay to not be perfect. In fact it’s more than okay and I’m going to tell you why... Perfection doesn’t exist. No matter how much we try, to achieve perfection, it’s like climbing a ladder that never ends.

So look at me. Study who I am. I want you to see me make mistakes, and I promise you I will make many. As a mother, as a wife, as a sister, a daughter & as a friend.

I’m going to fail in many ways time & time again. And I need you to know that’s okay. But what I really need you to focus on is how I pull myself back up. How I try over and over again, how I learn, how I grow and most of all how I keep pushing on and fighting because of love.

Yes, love... and because of my love I will make silly mistakes, say things I’m not proud of at times, forget to say sorry when I should be setting the example, because being a mum means I won’t always get things right, because I’m learning too.

But because I love you I will own my imperfections and lead the way to remind you that it’s okay to not be perfect. Because the greatest thing I can do for you is let you discover your own strength, let you realise what humility looks like, let you grow to become resilient, let you own your mistakes and watch you bloom into your own authenticity.

But never forget this... you are perfect to me. Because you are mine, the ultimate gift from God and I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

Love your Mama, xx

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