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Tips to share your Faith in a real way.

Years ago I really struggled to share my faith with anyone. I was afraid they were going to judge me or ask me questions I would struggle to answer. Honestly, I had this idea in my mind that before I shared my faith, I needed to have all the answers.

I also thought that I had to look a certain way, act a certain way and even sound a certain way! But after taking the leap and starting Little Sparrow Loved, where I'm simply sharing about my walk with God and how He offers me grace daily, I began to see just how important it is to just come as you are.

I've had so many women reach out and ask me how I share about my christian life so easily and boldly, so I thought I would do a post with some tips to help you share too! So here we go...

  1. Just live your life - Seriously, I just go about my day to day. If I meet someone new, I usually mention I'm a Christian in about 5 minutes of conversation casually. That way they know upfront that I have God in my life. From that point forward, I've planted a seed that if they want to talk about anything. Better yet, it shows people that you're a real and imperfect person who sometimes doesn't have all the answers to life.

  2. Offer to pray for them - I'm not saying you have to go out and just randomly ask people if they want prayer (but seriously, if you want to, that's cool too.) What I mean is that if you have friends or family that are going through a hard time, just offer up your prayer as service. You'd be surprised how many will take you up on the offer.

  3. Be patient - Sharing your faith doesn't always mean you have to talk about it and it really can be tied in with point 1 about just living your life. For example, I had a friend who would always make silly jokes in front of people about my faith and would always try to get into a debate with me over creation vs evolution. For 20 years I smiled and let any arguments fall flat. Well, this friend rang me out of the blue one day and asked me if I could take them to church, that they felt that there had to be more to life, than living, working and dying. My patience in just loving the person and being open about my walk, planted a seed that is not rooted. I'm happy to say that person is happily involved with a church family.

  4. Use social media - Were all on social media in some shape or form these days and so are our family and friends. So share your faith by sharing scripture graphics or worship songs and let them be seen by those that you love.

  5. Wear it - This is such a great way to show your faith and often times people will ask you where you got your faith t-shirt or your piece of jewellery from. Not only will your look amazing, but your also sharing a message without saying a word.

I really hope you enjoyed this little blog post and it encouraged you. I would love for you to share it and by doing so encourage someone else. Be sure to check out my website, shop and socials. Also don't forget to sign up for the newsletter so you never miss the awesome updates on new blog posts, videos, shop releases and freebies!

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