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Think God Can't Use You...

I Love.... the title of this blog post! It's the very question I want to throw at all of you beautiful ladies reading, and I want you to really look at your self worth. So, if you've been following along for a while, then you know that I believe we are all called to reach others in the name of Jesus, whether we are new to the faith, stuck in our walk or an old hand at hearing God's voice. My point is, we are all called, we all have purpose and every moment of the day we are living it out!

Here's the sad part... Many of us in different seasons of our lives feel like we have no purpose, that there's just no way that God can use us for the big things, sometimes even the small. And I have to say, lovely... we are so wrong!

When God first placed it on my heart to start this ministry, I was like... Nope, so not doing that. You see, I was in a season of sadness, one where I felt the sting of rejection. I had just walked away from a ministry that could have thrived, and the opportunity was given to partner with a dear friend of mine at the time. Yet, only one of us put the real hard effort into running it, and eventually God guided us to part ways. I was so broken, and if I am being real right now, a little relieved. I didn't think I was equipped to run a ministry. Sure, I had done a biblical studies diploma, but I swore I winged that. I couldn't quote scripture off the top of my head, maybe a fair few but not the entire bible! Yeah, I was happy to let it go and continue writing my chick lit fiction. But God had other ideas...

For weeks He spoke to me about starting a women's ministry, and I tried to brush it off as a crazy thought. Next He gave me the name of the Ministry, prompting me over and over about that one verse I had loved since I was a little girl. Then He gave me the vision of who He will draw to it, who needed to hear from Him. Finally, I surrendered and set about making His vision come to life.

Did I feel qualified? No

Did I feel confident? No

Did I feel safe in the idea? No

But then, as I set off on this new journey something came to mind. Okay, so maybe God continued to remind me of His writings. He began to remind me of the people He specifically chose to highlight to us all through scripture, and let me tell you, they were far from perfect.

Moses, well he didn't want to go back to Egypt, and he stuttered on his words.

Abraham & Sarah, they were old and struggled to believe they would ever have a child.

David, my goodness where do I start! He was an adulterer and a murderer.

Tamar tricked her own father-in-law by dressing up as a prostitute.

Samson, was driven by pride and lust.

Elijah ran away because of a woman.

Paul killed christians before he came to know Christ!

These examples are just a small portion of the people in the bible, who were flawed, felt unequipped, scared to do what they had been called to do. But guess what? They are the examples for us in the living Word! We look at them in awe of how God used them for His glory, for what had been prophesied.

I want you to ponder and think about the people Im mentioned above. If God could use them, then how much more can He use you! We have transport, phones, computers...the internet! We can reach people worldwide...but guess what! What if we could reach just one person. Do you think God could use us to reach one person?

20 Now in a wealthy home there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also ones made of wood and of clay, and some are for honorable use, but others for ignoble use.21 So if someone cleanses himself of such behavior, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart, useful for the Master, prepared for every good work. 2 Timothy 2:20-21

I pray this post blessed you today, and got you thinking about how God can use you. Could it be reaching out to someone? Starting a business Christ in the centre? A blog or facebook page? An act of kindness? Maybe just allowing others to see your imperfections, yet speaking the name of Jesus in your daily life. Whatever it is, God can use you!

Love Sarah, xx

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