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Taking our God given life for granted.

Sometimes we miss the wonder. I remember when my husband and me bought our house in the country. The drive into town and back home would have me in awe as I passed the heavy thick forest that butted up against the road, small ferns growing at the base of the tree trunks. I would look at them and think I would never get tired of looking admiring them.

Right behind our house is a rain forest and I would drive the kids up to it and have a picnic. I would set out our blanket and food and smile as they leapt from one rock to the other in the little brook that ran through it. I imagined taking them there all the time and while they were at school I would drive there myself and write. Fast forward 8 years and the beauty I would take many moments to admire has dimmed. It’s become a part of my daily life and I no longer stop long enough to catch my breath at its beauty.

What if it’s because I take it for granted? It gets me thinking about everything else that I no longer stop to admire or the many moments I sadly miss. Like my children laughing, because sometimes I’m too busy working to stop and laugh with them. Or my husband doing the dishes and making my load of chores lighter. What about friends... when was the last time I just looked at them as they were talking and truly appreciated their presence? When was the last time I told them how much they enrich my life.

God has given me so much and... I take it for granted! The past few weeks it’s as if new colours have emerged as I have become aware of all the things that became a part of my surroundings. Somehow they blended into my daily life and I stopped seeing them for the beauty they held. All of the sudden it's as if God turned on a light and I became intentional as to how I see things. I stop for a moment, two moments, three... and give my undivided attention to those things that for awhile seemed to become ordinary and I whisper, “Thank you God.” Because nothing about my blessings are ordinary.

So I ask you, what are the things you take for granted? And when was the last time you stopped and just appreciated all the gifts around you? These are the questions we should take a moment to think about, and write down some of the things that make us smile, make us appreciate waking up for. When we do that, all the stuff that weighs us down in life, feel a little lighter.

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