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Sometimes I Just Want To Have A Coffee With Jesus..

Sometimes I just want to have a coffee with Jesus. I just want to sit down, messy bun, leggings an open heart, a cup in my hands and lay it all bare.

No sugar coating, no worry about the words that leave my lips, no guard or playing down my feelings. Nope, just an open raw conversation about where I’m at and the struggles I’m facing.

And you see, these are the moments where we not only do we get real with God, but with ourselves. We realise that this is the rock we can stand on, depend upon. These are the moments we know that God knows us inside out and in those moments He knows the exact path to lead us down.

You want to feel closer to the father? You want to have the kind of relationship with Him you’ve always desired? Then beautiful daughter sit down with your coffee, messy bun and all and just start talking. Because darling, He is listening.

So today, I’m just going to sit down and have a coffee with Jesus.

Love Sarah, xx.

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