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She is Beautiful

She is beautiful that girl you see in the mirror. You study her close, picking out every flaw, every spot, wrinkle or imperfection. You probably wished you had curly hair or straight. You long to be taller or shorter, curvier or thinner. You see the small lines that must have come up over night or the new grey that appeared in a blink. All of it staring you in the face as you gaze at your reflection.

But no matter what you’re thinking or criticising, that girl you see in the mirror is beautiful.

So look a little closer, truly look at the woman who was once a girl, a youth, a young lady... and admire. Haven’t you noticed yet? Those eyes are shining and reflecting a perfect person, created in the image of God!

No mistake made, no fault to be found. Just a uniqueness that only you have, a smile like no other, a laugh so distinct. She radiates sunshine to the darkness around her. She glows with a light that was gifted to her before she was even born.

Imago dei... she whispers to herself until she believes it.

Imago dei... Image of God. Because that is what she carries. That is her likeness, her identity, her birthright.

She is beautiful that girl you see in the mirror.

-Sarah Tomlinson

Genesis 1:27

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