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Seeking Joy...

I spent so long trying to find this beautiful thing called Joy in my life...

To me Joy represented happiness, laughter and not a care in the world. I admit I was naive and never really stopped long enough to contemplate what joy truly should mean to me.

As the years wore on the Lord began to open my eyes to feeling and discovering what true Joy was and how I could have it everyday even in the hard times.

I have discovered that you cannot separate Joy and thanksgiving. When my children smile at me, I thank God and I feel Joy. When I wake up and discover I have another day to live, I thank God and Joy comes. When I sit down to eat, I give thanks to God and Joy comes.

You see, Joy isn’t just happiness, it’s gratitude, it’s contentment, it’s appreciation, it’s an attitude of heart, it’s soothes you even in the storms of life...It’s thanksgiving.

Yes, to me Joy comes when I thank God for even the smallest of blessings.

Love Sarah x

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