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Live For Heaven

God really pressed on my heart about how people are living their lives today, and how very little they picture heaven and all that is waiting for them.

I admit it’s not easy to keep your eyes on the prize that awaits us in the next world. Life is tough! At times we are barely scraping through, paying the bills, raising kids, clothing and feeding our families. The last thing on our minds as we sit in the mess is Heaven.

Other times we keep pushing forward, building our lives up by working harder, buying bigger, hoping we have enough money and all the things we need for retirement, and don’t get me wrong I think it’s important to have a plan in place.

In saying that if you knew me, then you know I don’t even have a diary or calendar! I fly from one moment to the next and yet in my mind I still dream about where I will be in ten, twenty, thirty years time and if I will be ready for retirement myself. Sometimes I panic big time and think, God I am so not prepared? And he always whispers back, Do not worry about tomorrow.

As I sat down this morning and asked the Lord what he wants me to write about, He began to show me pictures, little snippets of my life. Some good, some bad but they flashed by so fast I could barely keep up. He was showing me that he sees my entire life. Everything I have done and every motivation behind it. Every hurt, heartbreak and sadness. Yet every victory, hill climb and achievement. The emotions I felt were almost too overwhelming.

I asked the lord, "Why did you show me all this?" At first I didn’t get a response so I left the computer and went about my day.

No more than a few hours later, I got a text through from a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. So I drove up and we had a coffee. I started to tell her about the images that God flashed into my mind that morning. I couldn’t seem to explain exactly what the Heavenly Father was trying to speak to me about. My friend ran off and came back with a book written by John Burke called Imagine heaven. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you do it’s that good.

As I began to read it the first story hit me like a freight train. In it a man named George had died and encountered the Son of man and had his entire life in images flash before his eyes. He had the same emotions as I did that morning that God sees our motivations yet through all of it there was this overwhelming love. Well obviously the man had a NDE and I did not but as I continued to think on it I put on some worship and the song Open Heavens came on and like a light bulb the Lord gave me the answer. Are we living with heaven in mind? And are we truly grasping how amazing heaven will be?

So many thoughts came rushing in almost to many to answer. But here’s the basic point. Our time here is so short. We worry about things that in the scheme will not matter at the end of our journey. We are here to show people the love of Jesus in our everyday walk. So often the vision we have of heaven in our minds is quite ordinary. Sure we think of roads paved in gold, colours like we have never seen. But often we dial it down and wonder if we will just sing worship all day and feel nothing but peace and happiness. I honestly believe it really is more than we could imagine. But Jesus said You can not comprehend what my father has in store for you. To me that means a place beyond our imaginings not just in appearance but in feelings. I believe we feel a love like we could have never even fathomed and awareness like we could not imagine, insight far beyond our understanding. A place so glorious we simply struggle to believe it exists. But what if we kept our eyes on Jesus? On the Heavenly Kingdom we will one day reside in! Would the material things of the world matter so much? Would we change the way we speak to people knowing the Father sees it all, every motivation behind our actions? Would we speak out and introduce as many people as we could to Christ?

One thing I love to do is ask the Lord what I can do for him this day? What if we changed that and said Lord how can I bring heaven to earth for you this day? Shine your light?

I pray this post has blessed you today and left you something to ponder on!

Bless ya!

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