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In the Loneliness

Goodness me, the post has just started and already the title sounds depressing! I promise you it's nothing like that. But this is also a topic I think we all need to visit from time to time, and get a quick reminder that we are never alone!

First off I need to say it... How great is our GOD!!! Because no matter how alone we feel at any given time, we are never really alone, because we are comforted in scripture.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

-Deuteronomy 31:6

So let's dive in to this. There have been more times than I could count when I have been at my lowest and felt the heavy weight of loneliness. If I'm being honest, there is always a part of me that feels lonely and I think that goes for a lot of others also.

I thought that once I met the love of my life, I would no longer feel the loneliness, when I had my children I was positive I would never experience loneliness again, and even having the greatest friends I could ever ask for I was positive loneliness was a thing of the past, and yet... it still lingered to various degrees.

There were many times where I would thank God for surrounding me with such blessings in my life, and yet a piece of me still felt the burden of being all by myself and sometimes I found myself questioning whether God was even there. If he was really walking beside me.

What I began to realise, was that I could be in a crowded room full of people I loved and still feel as if I was broken and lost. And I buried how I was feeling inside and plastered a big, beautiful, brave smile on my face and made out that life was simply wonderful. Why did I do that?


That's right, I felt shame, that I could feel so alone. As if I was simply ungrateful to every gift God had ever blessed me with. As if me being lonely was in some way, me being selfish. That I had no right to feel lonely, because I was a mother, a wife, I had friends and family around me.Oh, but how wrong I was, because let me tell you... Motherhood can be a lonely job at times, being a wife can be lonely at times, just being a human in this world can be lonely! And it's okay to feel that way!

You see what I came to realise, and I too need reminding of this, is that when we feel alone, it is when He is the closest. Imagine for just a second that you're sitting on the lounge, you're staring at the wall, feeling as if you're invisible, that you're all alone, trying to make sense of who you are. Now picture Jesus sitting right beside you, trying to gain your attention lovingly but you can't see him. He waves a hand in front of your face and yet, you still can't see him.

God put that very image in my mind a few months ago. He was showing me, that when we are lonely, or down, grief stricken and hurt. We turn inward, we begin to bury ourselves in deep to the emotion and when we do that, we forget that he is right beside us. We stop looking for him and a lot of the time we stop talking to him also and then question if He is even there.

So here is the reminder....HE is ALWAYS THERE! He will never leave nor

forsake. I promise you that. And when you simply stop and thank Him for being there, something within you will stir.

Honestly, I believe that there will always be a part of us that will feel deep loneliness while we are on this earth, because we belong close to our Heavenly Father and while we are still here, our hearts will long to be in His presence.

But for now... the next time loneliness hits, don't let it drag you under. Stick that worship music on and sing to the Lord. Remind yourself that life is too short and that this loneliness is only temporary.

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