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If I have learned Anything…

God has taken me through, sometimes carried me through some hard stuff and some even harder places. And if I’m being honest it’s been my whole life. One thing after another and then when I finally think I’m through it… I was wrong.

Sometimes I look at my battles and I imagine I’m running an obstacle course, scaling wood walls and then crawling through the mud, only to stand up and come face to face with a rope I have to climb all the way to the top.

Recently I walked into a new part of my wilderness and after days of battling, continuous prayer, I fell to my knees. I cried out to the Lord, “I need rest. I don’t want another testimony. I have enough!” And then I felt His peace wash over me as He spoke to my heart. “Daughter, you have purpose and with that will come attacks. In troubled times just repeat my name and I will take over.”

In that moment I got back to my feet, wiped the tears from my eyes and found the strength to speak the name of Jesus over and over and over with power streaming from my mouth.

Why am I telling you such a vulnerable thing and sharing one of my weakest moments? Because Daughters of God, so often we sit in silence and let the enemy attack us. We’re tired, we’re hurting, we’re flat out in need of a break! But so many of us don’t cry out for the Lord’s strength, stand on the word and speak out the name of Jesus over and over til the enemy flees. Often we wait until he’s already taken us for a round in the boxing ring.

Let’s make crying out to Jesus our first point of call before we give the devil one inch of a step. Remind him before He starts that the battle has already been won.

If I have learned anything, it is this… no matter what point you are at in your Christian walk… the name of Jesus holds all the power you need! Take your requests to God, fight the battle with scripture, share your burdens or ask for healing, but do it all with the assurance that In the name of Jesus it will be done!

I pray this encourages someone today. And I pray you reach out and encourage others for the Kingdom , love Sarah, xx.

James 4:7

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