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I want Friends who will...

“I want friends who will dive into the trenches with me.” That’s a sentence I stand on whenever I think of friendship.

Messenger is great but it can’t be the only source of contact. Facebook is fine but it’s not the heartfelt replies I’m seeking. And I don’t want the false promises of we’ll catch up for coffee that never eventuate.

Nope, I want the kind of friends that walk into your messy home and don’t judge you for it. The friends that will cry with you when tragedy strikes. The messy bun, no make up morning dates with 3- 5 coffees involved.

I want the friends who don’t need to give you advice when you feel your world is crumbling. Just a gentle nod, a heartfelt hug and maybe a bad attempt at humour.

I want friends who don’t mind looking silly and laughing at themselves as much as they laugh at you and with you.

I want friendships that are real, raw, unedited and no matter what you say it won’t shock them or make them think any different of you.

I want friends that won’t shy away from praying for you, when you struggle to pray yourself. I want no condemnation for where I may sit in my Christian walk just a, ‘I’ve got you covered, girl,’ wink.

So if you’ve got friendships like this in your life, treasure them. Show them the same love and appreciation as to what you look for in them and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

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