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I see you my teenager

I see you my teenager. Slowly but surely you are changing, going from the little man who held his arms up to be carried to the young man that’s emerging with an independence I don’t think I’m ready for.

I know you’re trying to find your way. Your little personality getting bigger everyday. The silly jokes you play still make me laugh, and your wonder at the world is still bright.

I live for the moments when you still give me those tight hugs. No longer at waist level, now you squeeze my shoulders, and in years to come I’m sure you will tower above me.

But right now I mourn the years when you were younger. When my kisses could fix the boo boos. I miss the days where hide and seek was still an option. I miss you dressing up as your favourite super hero. I miss it all!

But still I celebrate the man you are becoming. I’m excited to see who you become and the things you will do with that creative mind of yours. I’m interested to see how you will love others and what footprints you leave along the way.

Because you amaze me daily and I still look at you as one of the greatest gifts I have ever received from God. Being your mother is and always will be the greatest gift.

I love you teenager of mine.

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