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Give Grace...

Always give Grace. Writing that seems so easy. Give Grace to those that have hurt you or despise you. Wouldn’t life be easy if we didn’t have human relationships? I think that all the time.

Yet even as I think it I know that it is so far from the truth. Without relationships this world would be one lonely place to be in. No love, no connection, no one to lift you up or encourage you. I am so beyond thankful for the people God has placed in my life whether forever or for a season. Even when we have people that support us, there are always those that hurt us. We want them to understand what they have done or often we sit there questioning what we may have done. The hardest thing to do is give forgiveness and move on.

When I am hurting or battling I often think of Jesus, as He was hung on the cross. He was despised, humiliated, denied and betrayed by even those closest to him. Oh how his heart must have broken. And yet, He gave the greatest gift of all... Grace. A saving grace that none of them deserved. A grace that extends to us today. When I think of Jesus, I remember that we must walk our lives in pursuit of being just like him. Slow to anger and quick to forgive. And even though often we do not want to give it we must. Yes we must give Grace.

When I am hurting I very quickly hand it over to the Lord and ask Him to give me the strength not to pick that hurt back up. I ask Him to bless those that have wronged me or broken my heart. I offer Grace to those that don’t deserve it because Jesus did the same.

Maybe you have someone in your life you are struggling to forgive, someone who has wounded or broken your heart. Please keep in my mind that our Saviour gives us grace daily even when we don’t deserve it, because He is love. Pray, give whatever is hurting you over to God and let him do what he does best... let him give grace to them and healing to you. Yes you will be blessed! #god #godsgrace #faith #christianwomenblog #christianblog

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