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Girl, this is why I need Jesus!

We are living in a time where all we hear from the world is thinking about self, thinking of me, putting YOU first. And don't get me wrong, it is so... important to take care of your body, your emotions and mental well being. But... it's also super essential to have a grounding, a rock you can rely on and a purpose in each day.

I've done life where I didn't want to think I needed a higher power to direct me in how to live. I felt abandoned and alone. My heart was broken, bruised and bitter. Why did I need a God who I felt wasn't listening to direct me in how I chose to live? At that point, I questioned if there even was a Heavenly Creator or if it was just from my upbringing of being told there was one. And the truth is, through all of my independence and decision making I was lonelier then ever, and just as confused. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, or why I was even put on this earth. And even as I was achieving my goals or feeling like I was making headway, there was a huge whole in my heart. Something missing. And no matter what I did, or what I tried to believe in, my thoughts always returned to Jesus.

But this is where God is so, so good. He never leaves you, even when you go your own path and trying to figure out who you are and where you fit. He stands a little back and waits for you to call on Him when you're ready. And through it all, He still sends blessings or people to meet you on your journey.

That's what happened to me at my lowest. I was broken, using narcotics and hating on the world. I was blaming everyone and anything about my situation. Somedays, the weight of my past and the things that had happened to me hurt so bad, I didn't want to even get up and face the day. And then out of nowhere... a stranger walked into my workplace, handed me a book mark with the Footprints poem and it and whispered over the counter, "God asked me to give this to you." And then she left. I broke down that day in the middle of the store. All my pain rushing to the surface and a peace knowing that God... saw me.

I want to say, that my life changed that day and I did a complete 180 in my life. But it didn't. No, it was a process. It was realising that I didn't need to be a whole other person in order to step into Jesus' presence and be loved. I gently walked in with pain, hurt, bitterness, trust issues, addictions and all.

I never want to portray myself as having it all together. And you certainly won't find it reading these blog posts, I assure you. I stumble, I sin, I struggle daily... but beautiful daughter of God, we are all given grace daily. But here are a few reasons why I need Jesus, and I hope this reaches your heart.

* He offers me forgiveness! I make mistakes all the time. I speak things I'm not proud of and I fail Him in my actions on a regular basis. But because of His sacrifice I can go to the Father and ask for forgiveness.

*He teaches me by His actions and words! All I need to do is go to the Gospels and read about the life of Jesus and His teachings to see what an amazing example He was and is to us all.

*He saved me and gifted me life! With His sacrifice, I can live and go direct to the Father with my petitions.

*Jesus showed me how to love everyone and not just those in my "Safe Bubble."He taught me to be open and honest. To walk with those in the places I wouldn't normally want to go.

These are just some of the reasons I need Jesus in my life. I need boundaries and direction. And despite what the world is telling me what I can have, I choose to stick to what Jesus, shows me He has for me. I have a beautiful playbook, filled with teachings of purpose, love, direction and wisdom.

I pray this blessed you today. I pray it blesses someone else who may need the reminder that Jesus is always there and that you can call to Him no matter where you are in your walk. He's listening!

Love Sarah, xx.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. - Hebrews 4:16 NIV

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