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Announcement: Subscribers and Blog Are Moving!

Big announcement here! To all my wonderful readers and subscribers after three years on this platform I have finally made the decision to move my newsletter, blog and podcast into one cohesive unit. I am so excited about this and it gives me the freedom to spend my time in one place and write full-time for my sisters and share my walk with God.

I have transferred all subscribers to my blog and newsletter over to the new platform so you don't need to do anything (except check your spam folder maybe? If they are there just click safe or move to your main email folder.

If you haven't subscribed yet, then I will place the link below. And if you want to opt out then that is more than fine too. But I hope you stick around. There is going to be more writing, chats, Q&A time, podcasts and so much more!

You can even gain more access by supporting me and helping me continue to run Little Sparrow Loved. Be sure to check it out and say Hello

Click here to check out the new blog or check your email.

Love Sarah,xx.

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