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Always Dance For Jesus.

Sometimes I look for that little girl that was so in love with Jesus she would hang her cassette player on a tree branch and dance to the beach boys for Him in her back yard.

I try to remember how innocently she loved Him with her whole heart, she wondered if anyone would ever come along and make her feel even half as adored.

I hold onto the feelings this young girl had where she cried and cried for the Holy Spirit to be her best friend. Not realising that He dwelled in her long before she understood.

And I hurt for the young woman who at one time lost faith in her Jesus, her protector when she felt He had abandoned her.

But then I rejoiced the day He sent a stranger her way who handed her a bookmark with the footprints poem on it that brought her back into His arms.

Every moment reminds me that I’m still that little girl that Jesus remembers making up dances to please Him in her backyard. And I feel Him smiling at her adoration. When I’m sad or alone, the love I felt for Him in my youth comes rushing back and I’m reminded that through it all He was and still is carrying me.

That girl was me. That girl still resides in me, in my memories and she will always remember that she is a precious daughter of the King and will dance for Him the rest of her life.

I don’t know who needs to read this today, but I bet we all know someone who needs the reminder to dance for Jesus, because He sees them always.

Love Sarah, xx.

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