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A Letter to the woman in the middle of her Messy.

To the woman reading this,

Life is messy. No matter how hard we try to pin down the routine, promise ourselves that tomorrow we will make the effort to get out out of our leggings and put on some makeup, not yell at the kids, ring someone we should have weeks ago, finish a task or bake from scratch.

No matter what we do, something happens and we fall short of the expectation we placed on ourselves.

There are going to be numerous times a day we let ourselves, our children, maybe our job or friends down. How do I know that? Because we are not perfect. And we will never get close to being perfect. Because like I said above, life is messy.

From the junk drawer we don’t want people to see, to the food containers in the car, to the mountain of laundry, to the emotions we battle through daily, the relationships that take so much effort, to the figuring out of our purpose. It is all one messy roller coaster of a ride, we need to hang on for and along the way throw our hands up and embrace.

You see, where we are messy, our God is orderly. And whether you realise this or not, He is cleaning up the path before us.

You don’t see it now but you will, when you look back one day. The growth, the wisdom, the lessons, they are all apart of the checklist. You’ve changed without even knowing it. Learning to let go of the things that drain you, and embracing the things that strengthen.

So yeah, life feels messy, but your story isn’t finished yet.

Love Sarah xx

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