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A Christmas Heart

Who feels as if this Christmas feels different? I know that's a strange thing to say, but well... that's how I am feeling this year as the day approaches.

Having young children, my main focus has always been on having the Christmas tree up, deciding on who we spend the day with, where we will spend the day and let's not forget the presents! Yes, the presents for me never seem as if I have enough, or I'm forgetting something, or someone, so I go out and buy even more, just so I have my bases covered. But this year, it all seems so unimportant.

This Christmas, I feel as if my joy for celebrating the way I usually would just isn't there. Something about this one, feels more precious to me. I'm excited in another way!

Recently the Lord has been prompting me to dig deeper into seeing gratitude throughout my daily life, He has been urging me to look at everything I have and to focus on that. When it comes to the birth of our Saviour, He has directed my focus to really acknowledge what Christmas day is really all about.

It's about more than the birth of Jesus! It's about the very gift that God gave us. Better than any present that sits under the tree. He sent His only Son to earth, a child born, to one day be the man, that would hang on the cross and bear our sins, so that we may have life! How truly amazing is our Heavenly Father!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.- John 3:16

So, like I said this year feels different to me. I feel that many of us are feeling the Father's Heart for this season. A heart of giving in ways that has nothing to do with the bright, shiny presents we have come accustomed to giving and receiving. It comes back to one question that many of us have heard before... What would Jesus do?

Honestly, what would He do? Would He hand out presents? Or would He choose to feed the poor instead? Would He host a huge feast and gorge, feel proud of His display? Or would He bow His head and give thanks to the Father before He shared humbly what was on the table?

I'm not saying in any way you can't enjoy Christmas, enjoy the family time, enjoy the gifts, because I know I'm going too! What I am saying is, spend the day thinking of our saviour, the very man that came to set us free and celebrate the life that was born for us! Think about those that may need help in other ways. An invite to your home, a gift hamper that says, with love Jesus xx, or maybe just a phone call, because somewhere along the way you have lost touch or have held bitterness too long. Find the Christmas Heart, and make it a day you will never forget!

I pray this post blesses you today. And have a Merry Christmas, xx

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