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Welcome to Little Sparrow Loved, a christian blog & website that God lovingly nudged me to pursue. A platform and community where I could reach out and encourage others like me, to push forward in our pursuit of a purposeful life.


I'm just a perfectly flawed mother, wife, worshipper, author, blogger & designer. But no matter who we are, or what talents we possess, God can use us. No joke, up until a few years ago I didn't think my self taught skills, or my passion to write and share my heart with other women would get me anywhere. But God, always has a plan.


I believe that we are all called to live by the Word, be creative in how we share the message about Christ, use our testimonies to reach others and LOVE with all our hearts!


I pray you follow along and that God speaks to you through my writing, whether it be the blog posts, my fiction and non fiction books, the apparel you can wear boldly or the facebook community of like minded women.


So many topics will be covered, like my journey to motherhood, being a wife, IVF, friendships, worshipping, getting creative, writing, lessons I have learned and what Our Heavenly Father is teaching me.


And yeah, it will come with all kinds of Messy, because that's where I encounter God the most. When I'm tired, struggling, climbing my mountain in pursuit of my purpose it comes with a whole lot of messiness in that journey. And guess what? God embraces my messy, and yours too!

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter and receive blog posts, future books, bible studies, podcasts and so much more. I want you to journey with me, because sometimes life isn't easy but it's easier when you have support. So, send me your prayer requests, share this blog with others and be encouraged. Yes, let's keep our eyes on God!

Love Sarah Tomlinson

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