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I'm Sarah


Thanks for stopping by Little Sparrow Loved, where I try my hardest to encourage you to step out for the Kingdom of God.


So often we feel unequipped or as if we don't quite know how to go about walking out our purpose. So, instead of feeling as if I was doing this journey alone, I decided to write about it and create resources to help make things a little easier for us all! And we all want things that can help us out right?

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Sweet Review Of Devotionals

I love, love, love this Beautiful Daughter of God Devotional! So much so, I ordered another 8 copies for my women group. It's different from the others I have purchased. Full of colour, heartfelt words and it made me feel like I was having a coffee with you as you poured your heart out. And yes, it sits on my coffee table! Thank you Sarah, xx

- Emily from Australia

I received my Messy & Loved devotional for Christmas & I can’t put it down! It’s so up to date on how our feelings/ life/ are messy! But God…. Is with us in every single part of our lives - His love is totally incredible - I have no other words that can explain His awesomeness! Thank you Sarah for your precious thoughts from your heart! 

- Becky From UK

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