I truly believe that if you are right now visiting this website, then you were supposed to come across this Christian women's ministry. 

So... I'm going to get real with you, and admit that I don't have it altogether some days. I'm going to also admit that I stumble often, and everyday I embrace the grace of God.

Here at Little Sparrow Loved, I believe that no matter where you are in your faith, be it a newbie, struggling in your walk, or you're pressing forward and on fire for God, wherever you are, I want this ministry to bring you encouragement as you pursue your God given life calling.

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Every few months God places it on my heart to release a new limited time campaign with each new season that approaches.


With the Messy Campaign I was so excited at how empowering it really is to come to the Father with all your messy, because guess what? Life is Messy! Our emotions, friendships, families, work life, parenting... all of it comes with struggles. I used to shy away from our Lord, feeling as if I was just too broken,  imperfect, not equipped, failing at every turn. To read more about it check out my Wednesday Diary of a Messy Christian on my Blog. 

What this campaign means to me is this. Let's Embrace the Messy and fall into the Father's arms. Let's support one another and declare, "Hey, your Messy is wanted! Because God wants you, and so do I." This exact Ministry was named Little Sparrow Loved, thanks to Matthew 10:29-31, because Beautiful Daughters of God, no matter where you are, what season, whether you have it altogether or are Messy minded like me. You were worth the sacrifice! 

So show some love and support for your sisters in Christ and get onboard the Messy Campaign train LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 2020, xx

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Meet Sarah and find out how Little Sparrow Loved came to be & be encouraged.

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